[kde-linux] disabling redhat shadowman background during login

kiwhan chung hyperaesthetic at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 18 17:05:52 UTC 2005


I had installed redhat 9 on my Dell Latitude C840 and
then upgraded through KDE 3.3 and then 3.4. From the
first bootup with kde 3.4, I noticed there would be a
flash of redhat 'shadowman' background that seemed to
be a remnant of redhat 9, and then login screen would
come on. The logon screen's background is just a plain
one-color background that I didn't assign. After
typing in my id and password, the background I
assigned through Login Manager flashes just briefly
before the splash screen comes on.

I would like to get rid of the redhat 'shadowman'
screen that momentarily flashes before my login screen
is on and be able to have the background that I
assigned while I am logging on, instead of having the
assigned background come on just momentarily right
after I log on and the screen is in transition to the
splash screen.

To sum up the situation, I have the following displays
while login process is occurring:

flash of redhat shadowman ----> logon screen (plain
one color background) -----> flash of background that
I assigned ------> splash screen of KDE coming on

I want to change it to:
logon screen (background that I assigned) ------>
splash screen of KDE coming on

I'd appreciate if anyone can help me out with this
problem of not getting the background I want....

I know it's just cosmetic, but it still bugs the hell
out of me.....



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