[kde-linux] knutclient and nut

Gabriel M. Beddingfield gabriel at teuton.org
Wed Aug 17 04:05:14 UTC 2005

Matt `da Wolf wrote:

> Hey there. I've managed to get NUT working but for some reason when I
> configure knutclient and try to connect to the ups it says "No Address"
> I fail to understand why it refuses to connect. I've included knut's
> config file along with nut's config files with my password stripped for
> troubleshooting. Hoping someone can help. Thanks.

It looks like you need to set up users for your upsd.  These are different
from users on your system.  These users are set up in your 'upsd.users'
file.  'man upsd.users' for more info.

If this is not the case, post the contents of upsd.users also.


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