[kde-linux] Kmail and bogofilter

Christophe Gaubert christophe-gaubert at wanadoo.fr
Sat Aug 13 10:30:51 UTC 2005

Thierry de Coulon a écrit :
> I never had crashes with kmail 1.6.2 and Kontakt 0.8.1 seems OK, although I 
> usually start kmail directly, not from kontakt.

I didn't had any crash before with those softwares. I really don't know 
what is the problem. But it's likely that it comes from the RPMs I used 
or from an incompatibility between KDE and Mandriva.

> I have to take a look at thunderbird some time, but a quick test did not 
> really please me: a bit heavy, and some base configurations that were not 
> straitforward to correct (I think my version of Thunderbird defaulted to 
> creating html mail).

Yes, by default, Thunderbird sends html mail (and yes, it's stupid). 
There are some configurations to do, but it takes 2 minutes (when it's 
the nth time you do it ;)

After that, I find Thunderbird easy to use and lighter than kmail which 
has a lot of useless options (to me, of course, no, it's not a troll !). 
One example : when I righ click on a mail, the contextual menu of kmail 
is so long ! It's boring to search in it by reading all the entries.

> As to spam filters, I never tried Thunderbirds - but really, bogofilter is 
> worth the effort. When comparing with others (wether they use filters 
> provided by their ISP, or M$, or any), I always hear of lost mails, or spam 
> that gets through, while I hardly have anything to report...

In the matter of spams, Thunderbird includes a very good bayesian filter 
(I receive very few spams, I must say). At the beginning, you have to 
mark what is spam (and what is not if thunderbird make a mistake), just 
by clicking on a button. And after sometimes, the filter is just perfect.

Christophe Gaubert
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