[kde-linux] Correct way to remove USB Drive from KDE-Linux system

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Fri Aug 12 06:45:02 UTC 2005

On Thursday 11 Aug 2005 23:05, Thierry de Coulon wrote:
> On Thursday, 11 August 2005 20:50, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > To some extent it depends which distro/version you are using. 
> > Mandriva, for instance, offers Supermount, which intelligently mounts
> > and umounts for you.  OTOH, in the latest club edition, which has a
> > later version of hal than the d/l edition, you get a smart desktop
> > icon that, with a right-click, will allow you to umount it.  I'm sure
> > that other distros also have built-in handling methods, and it's true
> > that it takes time and experience to find out about some of them.
> >
> > Anne
> SuSE auto-mounts things in a /media directory - I have this on a laptop
> because it's the only distro that would use my VGA port correctly.
> As a matter of fact I'm allways a bit worried, because there is no way
> to unmount (neither can I use df on those mounts, that's a pain).
> Probably I could do that as root, at the command line, by using the
> unintelligible name SuSE (9.2) gave it - I have been told 9.3 corrected
> that name problem.
> So I would also be interrested to know if modern automounters really
> make it sensible to just unplug the USB or Firewire drives.
> On most machines I don't have the problem because I stick to
> Debian-based distributions and don't auto-mount. But "user-friendly"
> distribution tend to use those.
I can only speak for Mandriva's supermount, but removing the pen-drive, for 
instance, without umounting causes no problem at all.  Of course, as 
always, it is wise to give it time to ensure that no writing is happening, 
but otherwise - no problem.

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