[kde-linux] Recalcitrant FTP in Konqueror

Bogus Zaba bogzab at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Aug 9 18:38:26 UTC 2005

James Richard Tyrer wrote:

>I have nothing but trouble when doing FTP to my Earthlink web page using 
>It takes sever iterations of "530" and "retry" to login.  Then it 
>happens again when I change directories.
>Is there a timeout I can set somewhere?
>Now I have another problem.  It sometimes refuses to delete files.  It 
>works part of the time.
>AND now, it has decided that it won't display previews of images part of 
>the time and sometimes it only displays part of them in a directory.
Can't solve your problem but I can report that the Konqueror FTP 
protocol support seems
to work fine for me when I connect to my isp's website manager for 
uploading / deleting /
general file management. Your problem, might be more be more connected 
to your remote
site. Have you tried to any other FTP destinations?


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