[kde-linux] Count idle time...

Jonathan Chen (jonachen) jonachen at cisco.com
Tue Aug 9 16:04:14 UTC 2005

No one has a clue?  I sure don't since I'm asking the list.

I'm sure there is  a way since the KDE screensaver programs knows when
your interactiving with the desktop or not.   So there must be a way to
know how KDE or ????? Keeps track of idle time. 

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> Subject: [kde-linux] Count idle time...
> Sorry for being a bit off topic from KDE.
> I'm trying to write a bash script and need to know how does 
> KDE or other windows manager start counting a person being 
> idle from the screen?
> I thought the simple command "w" would do the trick and 
> discovered its only for terminal shell and not any X activities.
> My script is to kill an X session if being idle for 72 hours/3days...
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