[kde-linux] Problem with KDE and big-cursors

Eric Webster ew at u.washington.edu
Thu Aug 4 19:21:11 UTC 2005

Hello, I'm running KDE 3.3.2 on Debian/testing and have been having some 
problems with the big-cursors package not working with KDE. The problem 
is that I can not get KDE to use the default X cursor which is replaced 
by the big-cursor package. This problem persists even when I select "No 
theme" in the mouse panel of KDE Control Center. When "No theme" is 
selected the mouse cursor still looks like the default theme. Even after 
restarting X.

I have tried starting X without KDE and the correct big cursor is 
displayed which lead me to think it is a KDE configuration problem. Does 
anyone have any thoughts as to how I might fix this? Thanks.

BTW, the big-cursor package simply renames 
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/cursor.pcf.gz and supplies it's own 
version with larger cursors. Also I'm running XFree86

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