Fwd: ACTION REQUIRED - Gitlab and Subversion server migration

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Dom Jul 23 13:22:30 BST 2023


Reenvío este mensaje sobre la migración de los servidores de Gitlab y 

En resumen, para poder acceder a los repositorios de KDE hay que ejecutar esas 
dos órdenes en la consola y luego, al acceder a los repositorios la próxima 
vez, aceptar las nuevas claves de los servidores.

Un saludo,
Eloy Cuadra

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Asunto: ACTION REQUIRED - Gitlab and Subversion server migration
Fecha: domingo, 23 de julio de 2023, 12:01:04 (CEST)
De: Ben Cooksley <bcooksley en kde.org>
Para: kde-cvs-announce en kde.org
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Good morning KDE Developers,

As many of you will be aware, today Gitlab and our Subversion repository
were both migrated to a new home - on a more modern and more powerful
server, which should better support future work.

As a consequence the host key of the server has now changed, which means
you will need to take steps on your system otherwise you won't be allowed
to connect to the new server.

Please ensure you run the following two commands to clear out any existing
host keys:
- ssh-keygen -R invent.kde.org -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts
- ssh-keygen -R svn.kde.org ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Following these commands the next time you try to connect you will be
prompted to confirm the new host key and trust it for use. For those who
would like to confirm that host key, it is as follows:

256 SHA256:zHdK2R/S6s5Oj71N0s8LHWCXXsUt+DCztd+GjzW9KlU root en lerwini
256 SHA256:ZNBg4AkRxbt/N6xzpt7GbmmS78A3WFy5lz0l/cPHbcE root en lerwini (ECDSA)
3072 SHA256:KxAoV6VsbKvAocFZCJlxtmPDScmUCRNiUiOCSXNSC/k root en lerwini (RSA)

Please let us know, via either sysadmin en kde.org or kde-devel en kde.org if you
encounter any issues with the new system.

Many thanks,
Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin


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