[Kde-java] Drag and Drop on KDE from Konqueror to an applet in a browser window doesn't work

Christoph Tornau tornau at orbiteam.de
Fri May 20 12:48:38 CEST 2005

Dear all,

I've got serious problems with an Java applet running in a browser 
window. This applet should accept Files by drag and drop and upload it 
to an internet server. On Windows the applet is doing fine. But on Linux 
(i'm running the up to date Suse Linux 9.3 with KDE 3.4) the file is not 
accepted. It seems that the applet doesn't get the message for dragging 
and droping.

I tried every browser installed on my system: Konqueror, Firefox and 
Opera. Each in an uptodate version. Nothing helps.

Do you know a solution to this problem? Is this a bug in KDE? I already 
posted this bug to Sun. But they ignore it. They do not feel 
responsible. Maybe it's a bug on low level communication level somewhere 
between KDE and Java.

If you want to test our applet. It's avaialbe at 
http://bscw.fit.fraunhofer.de/ . Sorry, you have to create an account 
first. After that you can log in. You have to activate "Use internal 
uploader" in the preferences menue.


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