[Kde-java] [PATCH] Make juic work again

Marco Ladermann Marco.Ladermann at gmx.de
Sat Apr 3 20:51:03 CEST 2004


Am Samstag, 3. April 2004 19:49 schrieb Dominique Devriese:
> I have another juic patch ready: this makes sure the layout variables
> are defined before they are used, avoiding compile errors.

This is a little bit strange, 'cause I can't reproduce this. I found some 
other errors, but this seems to work for me. 

With xsltproc 1.0.33 there are some problems with <xsl:variable> in recursive 
user functions. A workaround is on the way and I would like to see if I can 
fix your other problems to. I will send a email tomorrow, when I find a 

Problem 1: this is a typo, functions name should be kde:replace and not 

Problem 2: Why do you want to replace &lt; and &gt;? I thought, this would be 
done by the xslt processor?

Problem 3: I could not reproduce this.


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