[KDE-India] Introduction to my GSoC 2012 project with KStars

Samikshan Bairagya samikshan at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 11:55:02 UTC 2012

Hi Everybody!

My proposal for Google Summer of Code 2012 with the idea -
"Make KStars more usable for beginner astronomers by adding
*What's Interesting... *feature to KStars and by making star hopping
feature user-configurable" has been accepted. My mentors throughout
this period would be Akarsh Simha and Rafal Kulaga. Also, another
KDE-Indian, Rishab Arora, would be working on KStars as his GSoC
project this year. :)

KStars is a great desktop planetarium software which is used by
all level of users interested in astronomy. My project aims at making
it more beginner friendly. Well, it is very exciting, and I'll be staring
work on it very soon (as soon as my exams get over - which will be
in a  week's time).

The "What's Interesting..." feature would suggest interesting sky-
objects that are visible in the night-sky +/- 1 hour. This would take
into account the equipment available to the user, his experience
level, his area of interest in astronomy and his location conditions
(light pollution).

Also my project aims at making star-hopping feature in KStars user-
configurable (Star hopping ---> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_hopping),
which means user can specify equipment being used, location conditions
(light pollution again). Also the user can get star-hopping directions to
a specific star from that would again take care of the user-specified

Anyway, I would also like to provide a short introduction of myself. I am
an undergraduate student of Computer Science and Engineering at NIT,
Durgapur. I am currently in my pre-final year. Also I am a member of
GNU/Linux Users' Group, NIT Durgapur. I have made contributions to
KStars as a part of Season of KDE, 2011 and thereafter. Most of my
work was related to introducing supernovae to KStars.

To know more about me, my previous work, or my GSoC 2012 proposal,
do have a look at my blog ---> http://samxan.wordpress.com/ .  I'll be
keeping it updated with my work progress and new ideas if they come
along. :)

Anyway, as I said, my examinations are going on now and it would remain
like this for a week more. Can't wait to get started with all the coding
that! :)

Samikshan Bairagya
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