[KDE-India] Three KDE GSoC students from India this time

Akarsh Simha akarshsimha at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 14:59:22 CEST 2009


We've got three new additions to the KDE India team this summer!

Kashyap Puranik - will be adding a 'Molecular Calculator' feature to
Kalzium. Kashyap has been contributing to Kalzium for the past four
months. He initially started by refactoring code in widget that plots
periodic trends and has now added cool features like the 'Play'
feature on the periodic table, that visually represents changes that
happen to the elements as some parameter changes with time. For
instance, thanks to Kashyap's work, you can see the elements of the
periodic table melting and becoming gases as the temperature increases
slowly. Kashyap's blog at http://kashthealien.wordpress.com/
highlights some of his work for Kalzium. He is currently pursuing
BTech, Computer Science (completing 2nd year now) at IIT Madras.

Kaushik Saurabh - will be working on a conversation logging framework
for KDE, and will be integrating Telepathy into KDE this summer. He's
pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (3rd year) at PESIT,
Bangalore. [I hope I got that right!]

Prakash Mohan - will be adding an observation planner to KStars this
summer. Prakash has been a contributor to KStars / KDE for quite a
while. His favourite way of contributing is by building KDE every now
and then and reporting build errors :). That apart, he recently added
support for calculating Lunar Eclipses (more generally, 'Oppositions')
in KStars. He's currently pursuin a BTech in Aerospace Engineering
(finishing 2nd year) at IIT Madras.

In addition to the three GSoC students here, we are expecting a few
folks to join the 'Season of KDE 2009' (SoK 2009) programme as well,
and I'll write to the list about them in a while.


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