[KDE-India] a network config wizard for linux

Vivek Rai vivek.rai at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 19:19:39 CEST 2007

Hi guys,

I had started some work on this front, via a project

The mockup screens can be seen at (these were just mockups, the real  
screens look slightly different)


STATUS: I had done almost 95% of the core UI coding.. the basic stuff  
shoudl work on debian derived distros. (currently uses dbus/hal to do  
device lookups, but this can be easily changed for distros for which  
this is not available)

unfortunately, due to a change in my circumstances, i am unable to  
continue further work on this.

If the idea, objectives or challenges of this project interest u, pls  
do contact me.. i would be glad if this project can see the light of  
the day..


Some notes:

1. Features:
. Handles end to end setup for connection to internet. Users choose  
the type of connection they have, the wizard tries to identify the  
hardware based on PCI IDs etc, and helps with setting up the driver,  
lets the user define the connection params based on the type of  
connection, and also the TCP/IP settings.

. Does network setup for
- Dialup (using ppp/wvdial/or any oher configurable script, eg one  
for AOL dialer)
- wireless - scans for available wlans and also
- ethernet/cable modems
- direct xDSL using pppoe or pppoa

. Hardware configuration
- has a database of drivers basd on PCI ID's, so it can guide the  
user to the suitable driver (for winmodems/wireless lan cards etc)

. ISP database
Many known kppp, wvdial and ADSL ISP details are stored, a newbie  
user can merely select his/her ISP from the list, and hopefully just  
need to define the username/password

. Create multiple connection profile, and start them
. uses system-tools-backend
. easily create "plugin" like definitions to configure inputs for any  
wierd and specific connection tool, which work with some ISPs (some  
other specific connection client/scripts, eg 24online, sifydialer etc)
. Rollback settings to a previous state - this is via separate GUI,  
not fully tested

2. the latest code is under

3. There are 3 components to this:
a) the wizard itself - it is python code, uses pyQt libraries.. I am  
not a python expert, and had used this project to actually learn python.
b) a taskbar application that shows configured connections, and  
status etc (this is for KDE, i suppose we would have to code a  
different one for gnome - perhaps reusing a lot of code) .. i havent  
checked this in.. yet..
c) a small gui frame for rolling back any changes

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