[KDE-India] उत्तर: How about adding Indian ISP information for KPP

Vivek Rai vivek.rai at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 02:07:40 CET 2005

> Vivek has been working on it since june ... how many have you succeeded in
> collecting... I could get details for BSNL,

Hi Steven,

Yes, I had sent mails requesting similar information to a lot of LUG's
in India during June. Unfortunately, I did not get a very great
response. All I have currently is VSNL and MantraNet (MP). I dont even
have a way of verifying if they work fine.

I am attaching the tar file for these ISPs. (untar from / should put
files to /usr/share/apps/kppp/Provider/India/)

Maybe kppp ISP setup should directly go to the KDE SVN. But we do need
a way to circulate and store any intermediate files (like the ones I
have attached to this mail) that have not been verified yet.

Also, I suspect many people prefer wvdial for dialup. Again, I have
collected a few working conf files from various mailing lists. I have
created a conf file for a GUI tool called QtWvdialer for BSNL and

If someone uses this tool, and would be able to confirm the settings,
let me know.

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