[Kde-imaging] Re: facebook code sharing

Alex Fiestas alex at eyeos.org
Fri Sep 18 02:54:03 CEST 2009

Hi and thanks for reply.
Adds some good API to use kipi-plugins only as basic upload/download would be 
perfect for us (kamoso) but I think we should go further and create something 
like a "KDE-WEB" package which would contain all the libraries we're 
using/creating to use these web services. 
For example, right now I'm writing a youtube library that won't be exported 
because I really don't see a good place to put it and I'm sure that 
facebook/flickr/etc kipi-plugins share the same issue.

> There is a plan to move all web services import/export KIPI plugins on
>  common ground in order to share more and when this will be done, we should
>  take into considerations requirements from applications like kamoso, that
>  need only simple upload interface. There is a plan to have summit of
> KIPI/Digikam/Graphics developers sometimes in November and I think that
>  would be the right time to agree on new design. If we want to change KIPI
>  interface for KDE 4.4, then we probably need something in place before
>  FeatureFreeze.
That sounds fantastic! with summit do you mean a meeting in the irc or 
something like a sprint? Anyway I'd like to participate!

Once again, Thanks for the reply!
Alex Fiestas
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