[Kde-imaging] [Bug 209002] Should be able to lock the aspect ratio when resizing.

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Wed Sep 30 17:49:09 CEST 2009


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--- Comment #1 from Me <linuxguy123 gmail com>  2009-09-30 17:49:05 ---
The impetus for this change came from a limitation in the raw converter ie no
--shrink or --size options.  See bug (wish) #209000.

I checked out the resize tool in the Edit window and it has an aspect ratio

I understand that it might be difficult to lock the aspect ratio of a group of
images in batch mode because they might not all be the same size.  However, it
is just as hard to lock down the actual size of a bunch of images when they
aren't the same aspect ratio or not even the same orientation.

I feel the batch resize tool needs some work in this respect as it would be
very helpful to be able to convert images of differing aspect ratios and
orientations to one size (in one dimension) and keep the aspect ratio.

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