[Kde-imaging] [Bug 206747] dngconverter temp files not properly renamed

Gustavo Claramunt gclaramunt at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 18:06:05 CEST 2009


--- Comment #6 from Gustavo Claramunt <gclaramunt gmail com>  2009-09-09 18:06:01 ---
Ok, maybe ubuntu's fault...
But i've tested today with opensuse with the same results.
NOTE: maybe another package-mix is the guilty, i've never used opensuse and
mixing repositories often break things!
But it's extrange the same error here...

I'll test removing every digikam related package from this opensuse and manual
compile them all, but it's difficult with so many dependancies, so give me some

digiKam version 0.10.0
Exiv2 can write to Jp2: Sí
Exiv2 can write to Jpeg: Sí
Exiv2 can write to Png: Sí
Exiv2 can write to Tiff: Sí
Exiv2 support XMP metadata: Sí
LibCImg: 130
LibExiv2: 0.18.2
LibJPEG: 62
LibJasper: 1.900.1
LibKDE: 4.3.1 (KDE 4.3.1) "release 161"
LibKExiv2: 0.6.0
LibKdcraw: 0.5.0
LibLCMS: 117
LibPNG: 1.2.31
LibQt: 4.5.2
LibRaw: 0.7.2
LibTIFF: LIBTIFF, Version 3.8.2 Copyright (c) 1988-1996 Sam Leffler Copyright
(c) 1991-1996 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Marble widget: 0.8.1
LibGphoto2: 2.4.3
LibKipi: 0.4.0

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