[Kde-imaging] KDE-imaging Coding Sprint event 2009

Andi Clemens andi.clemens at gmx.net
Tue Sep 1 15:01:50 CEST 2009

I guess I will not make it (again), damn... :-(
I'm not absolutely sure, but right now it doesn't look like I will find the 
time. I'd really like to come.

I need to check my schedule again, maybe I can do something about this. If 
not, I will make sure that next year it will not happen again! Or we just need 
to meet in Germany (nearby Darmstadt / Frankfurt :-))


On Sunday 30 August 2009 16:35:17 Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
> > As previous year, Angelo and me we want to organize a Coding Sprint
> > between all developers who contribute to KDE Imaging project.
> If I remember correctly, it is KDE policy to encourage inviting developers
> who have only recently started contributing or who have not yet met
> personally with the team.
> The latter but not the former of course applies to Andi (you certainly do
> come, dont you? ;-)  ).
> Some new people we could think of inviting:
> - the French students writing image plugins?
> - Patrick Spendrin for the Windows port?
> - Holger Foerster working on MySQL port?
> - Torsten Rahn or someone else from the Marble team?
> - Mikolaj as our community manager? Testing, mockups, ideas, feedback.
> - we recently got some patches from Michael G. Hansen, I'm not sure if he
> is involved with some other development team
> Inviting someone external would imply that he is working on a task during
> the meeting which is either a clearly defined subtask of KDE imaging, or on
> a component that we use or intend to use.
> Just some ideas.
> Marcel
> > Genoa is a always a good candidate for the event. The date is to
> > define. October sound like the best one excepted from 3 to 11 where a
> > boat race is planed to Genoa, which will reduce chances to find an
> > accommodation.
> >
> > This year, Andreas Huggel from Exiv2 project want to join us, but this
> > will depand of event date.
> >
> > Please let me hear if you will contribute to this event, and which
> > date around october is fine for you.
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