[Kde-imaging] [Bug 204707] printwizard should be able to print uncroped thumbnails

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Sat Aug 22 15:54:22 CEST 2009


--- Comment #5 from Angelo Naselli <anaselli linux it>  2009-08-22 15:54:20 ---
On comment #3:
>I tried printimages and choosed the number of pictures on one page. That
>works so far, but it is not the way I want it. 
Of course that was a suggestion to get more pictures in a single page
at this moment.

>I want a plugin, which is able to print thumbnails the way, the
>filemanager show them on screen with the details I wish to see.
I see and in my todo list there is the will to add a custom layout
in a grid using the code to print fixed grid thumbnails. I'm going to
see if i can remove the autorotation in some ways 

>use the filemanagers algorithm?
the icons you see depend on your screen size, video card, icon size etc... 
moreover if you are using kipi-plugins at the moment means your using gwenview,
digikam or photoalbum so what you see depends also on those applications.
I mean if i want very big thumbnails i can fix them to 4 pictures in the
screen, but same size could mean half an A4 page -just guessing-

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