[Kde-imaging] [Bug 162994] picasa album list does not contain "not listed" albums, contains only "public" albums

Philippe ROUBACH philippe.roubach at free.fr
Sat Nov 15 13:44:05 CET 2008


--- Comment #12 from Philippe ROUBACH <philippe roubach free fr>  2008-11-15 13:44:03 ---
i discovered an interesting thing :

when i first used picasaweb i create a count with :

id : <name>@free.fr
password : <my password>



with my google count

i activated and explored the google tool gmail then google created
a new mail address  <first name>.<last name>@gmail.com

i don't use gmail address and i don't use it to connect to google

i use picasaweb and picasa soft with
id : <name>@free.fr
password : <my password>

this works well

now what happens with picasawebexport ?

if i use
id : <name>@free.fr
password : <my password>

picaswebexport does not list my album and freeze or crash if use "start

if i use

id : <first name>.<last name>@gmail.com
pwd : <password2>

picasawebexport lists all my albums and i can upload a photo but not a video

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