[Kde-imaging] KIPI-Plugins 0.1.4-beta2 available for testing

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Tue Jun 19 01:51:03 CEST 2007

On Tuesday, 19. June 2007, Valerio Fuoglio wrote:
> Hi, 
> new release's tar is ready for testing, you can find it here:
> http://pub.thewally.it/kipi-plugins
> Were not included 'pt' and 'da' localization (they cause compile problems).
> Waiting for your feedback for a public release :)

Quick build of the kubuntu pkg showed no problem.

During some quick tests I've only noticed that HTML gallery
does not check if the target directory exists, instead it fails
top copy the theme, offering only 'cancel' and not a 'back'
button.  But that's not a showstopper ;)

> Regards, 
> Valerio
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