[Kde-imaging] Using kdevdesigner to create KDialog(Base) .ui files

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Mon Jan 15 09:15:09 CET 2007

Alle 22:10, domenica 14 gennaio 2007, Colin Guthrie ha scritto:
> I've read a lot on here about using .ui files, but I just can't work it
> out...
> How do I create a KDialogBase based .ui file?
> I would like to use .ui files to make life a lot easier but I also want
> to keep the KDE icon sets and the general look and feel of a KDE app (as
> opposed to a raw QT app).
> Can anyone offer any advice?
I'm not sure how to by now - my designer makes X crashing on my new 
X86_64 system - but take a look at slideshowconfigbase.ui.
It has <widget class="KDialog">.


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