[Kde-imaging] [Bug 139793] kmz kml google export import

Stéphane Pontier shadow.walker at free.fr
Tue Jan 9 14:23:15 CET 2007

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> How accurate are the GPS positions? They seem to be really good,
> though I am not 100% sure for example about img_1860_jpg.jpeg.

these point position where not created with the correlator but added with the edit coorditate (but it seems that the positions slightly shift since last time I edt them, I heard Google change some maps positions sometime, mayby not acurate enough).

> Do you know which corner of the thumb corresponds to the actual
> position (or is it the center?)

Since I haven't touched the Hotspot element of the iconstyle, I think it's the upper left corner.

> Is there any way to do similar things "locally", i.e.
> without uploading pictures + kml files to some webpage?

Actually, you con choose either to create a kmlfile with relative path as in my first example, loading it in googleearth, and have everything will work with files either on local or on a webserver. But if you want the pictures appears on maps.google.com, you have to put the complete URL of picture and then have pictures on a webserver.



> Why creating a new plugin for that ? Why not to extend the current GPSSync 
> plugin witch can group all Geolocalization options for kipi host ?
> Tha advange is simple : starting time of host will not be increased by a
> new plugin to load.

Why not, I'm finishing to separate the lib creating kmldocument and the code for the export and I'll see how to do that but I warn you that since I haven't touched C++ almost ten years, it may be not beautiful/proprer/optimized :-)

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