[Kde-imaging] Fwd: KIPI-interface to photolabos

Markus Jotter kde-imaging-markus at jotternet.de
Fri Sep 8 07:34:20 CEST 2006

Gilles Caulier wrote:
> Le Jeudi 7 Septembre 2006 16:44, Gerhard Kulzer a ?crit?:
>> Hello everybody.
> Fine for me. the script look very simple. The GUI is very simple to do
> But, why not re-write the script in Qt. It's not difficult to do...
There are hundreds of photolabs out there, if it is fixed in qt you need
to implement every one in qt. Scripting something in
perl/rubi/php/python/whatever is faster and there are more people can do
it. If the website changes, and the script must be adopted, it very easy
with perl - you don't have to upgrade your whole distribution.

I think having a kipi-plugin, which is between the scripts and kde. 
Maybe  implementing a website for  script-collections.
It should be similar to the  greasemonkey-scripts for firefox.


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