[Kde-imaging] Concept release announcements.

Aurelien Gateau aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Sun Sep 25 22:00:53 CEST 2005

Le Dimanche 25 Septembre 2005 18:18, Tom Albers a écrit :
> Op Friday 23 September 2005 00:44, schreef Aurelien Gateau:
> > I would prefer to get extragear.kde.org/kipi updated and to have the
> > tarballs uploaded to kde.org. After all, extragear.kde.org/kipi is
> > supposed to be the official KIPI website. I can do the website update if
> > you want.
> Feel free. I don't have a ftp-account to upload the tarball there, so i
> could not do that (although i managed to get svn access earlier this week).

You do not need an FTP account. That's why there are MD5 sums on the website: 
just upload to ftp://upload.kde.org/incoming/unstable/KDE3.x/ and it will get 
moved in the correct dir.

All you need is SVN rights to modify www/areas/extragear/apps/kipi/


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