[Kde-imaging] libkipi 0.1 release?

Achim Bohnet ach at mpe.mpg.de
Fri Oct 1 12:39:44 CEST 2004

On Thursday 30 September 2004 21:18, Renchi Raju wrote:
> its time we thought about a libkipi release. libkipi library is itself
> stable (no known bugs currently), bc ready and feature complete (for now).
> digikam and kimbdaba depend directly on libkipi and the delay in release
> of libkipi is going to further delay any releases from our side.
> now, there is the issue of when kipi-plugins should be released. some of
> the plugins have show-stopper bugs against them. so we have a bunch of
> options:
> a) release libkipi and kipi-plugins now, as is, with the bugs to be
> handled later
> b) release libkipi now and the kipi-plugins later (when the bugs are
> fixed).
> c) wait till all show-stopper bugs are fixed in kipi-plugins before
> releasing libkipi and kipi-plugins together.
> please vote for these options or any additional ones you might suggest.
> i register my vote for option (b).

I think b) is fine for all kipi apps except, because AFAIU they
don't loose functionality compared to their current stable release.

Digikam 0.7 alone loose quite some functionality (I consider released
digikam + digikamplugins as a 'unit').  I'm not sure how many and
loudly would scream because of missing base.

Is there a set of 'stable' kipi-plugins?  So maybe a first mini
release with some/many more DO_NOT_COMPILE entries?  Minimun
IMHO is jpeglossless (rotate), slideshow, printwizard, cdarchiving
and html export plugins.

b) is fine but until digikam release I would like to see c) with
at least above minimum set of plugins.

> renchi
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