[Kde-imaging] Selecting images for plugins

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Mon Jun 28 14:17:00 CEST 2004

On Monday 28 June 2004 13:59, Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
| Le jeudi 24 Juin 2004 16:59, Jesper K. Pedersen a écrit :
| > | I think it should be up to the plugin to decide if the user can select
| > | multiple albums. In the case of the CD archiving I think it could
| > | either: - Allow only one album to be selected
| > | - Allow multiple albums to be selected but store each album in a subdir
| > | - Allow multiple albums to be selected but make sure an image is not
| > | saved twice
| >
| > I can't really see a need for this.
| > For the issue with an image being saved several times, can be easily
| > fixed by the plugin not seeing the result of the query as a set of
| > albums, but rather as one big set of images, if some images comes from
| > several albums, then in the set they are only once.
| I think we agree: I didn't suggest to support the tree solutions. I was
| just imagining solutions the plugin could implement. It's up to the plugin
| developer to choose only one solution. And I would personally select the
| third one, like you.
| > | My suggestion was to make sure the album list returned by allAlbums()
| > | contained the currentAlbum(), so that the widget can be filled from the
| > | result of allAlbums().
| >
| > And this is exactly what I've told you a number of times, that I can not
| > implement in KimDaBa, and which is why we need the feature I suggested.
| Ok, let's forget it. It's just odd to me to have an allFoo() method which
| returns a list of Foo, but the currentFoo() method returns a Foo which is
| not in allFoo().
| My real concern is consistency in the plugin UIs. If we get a KIPI widget
| displaying a list of albums for the user to select, then this is ok for me.
| > | I just thought about something: What about filling this list like this:
| > | - Add the content of allAlbums()
| > | - If the currentAlbum() is not in the previous list, add an entry for
| > | it. - Add an entry for the currentSelection()
| > |
| > | What do you think about this?
| >
| > This will look very odd to the kimdaba user. we are exactly back to the
| > all images with this approach. What is wrong with my suggestion of
| > selecting all sets if no one album is found to be the current one?
| The only trouble is that not all plugins might want to allow multiple album
| selections.
Well that could be resolved by having a flag with which the plugin can tell 
the widget about this request.

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