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Subject: [Bug 565294] Re: Plural translations are broken for Lithuanian 
Date: šeštadienis 17 Balandis 2010, 16:24:05
From: David Planella <david.planella at ubuntu.com>
To: stikonas at gmail.com

Thanks to all for the prompt responses.

That is, however, something that should be solved within the Lithuanian
translation community. Having different plural forms for the same
language in different projects is just asking for (technical) trouble. I
would recommend the different Lithuanian translation communities to get
in touch and try to reach consensus on which is the best plural form to
use and standardise in the one chosen.

This is something that cannot be changed in Launchpad. Languages as a
translation interface are designed to be always the same, and not allow
small variations for different projects.

> KDE developers decided to change the plural form they use to get more
freedome in that one case.

Rimas, I assume you mean KDE _translators_, as they are the ones that
should decide on such changes for their own language, not developers.

I'll leave the task as Incomplete for now, but that's rather a Won't Fix
from a technical point of view, and again, I'd recommend the Lithuanian
translation communities to discuss this.

If you need any help from the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators, please
feel free to ask and we'll be happy to help.

Plural translations are broken for Lithuanian language
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