[Kde-i18n-fa] Announcement of Change in Language Name for Persian

Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi Panah mebrahim at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 21:35:28 CET 2008

ظاهراً شما هم مثل آقای پرتو، نامه های قبلی من به گروه را نخوندید به هر دلیل.
اگر خواستید از فعالیت های اخیر من مطلع بشید، لاگ های اخیر
را بررسی کنید.

2008/2/8 Arash Bizhan zadeh <arashbi at gmail.com>:

> 1- I could not understand who is "us". Could you clarify what you are
> reffering by "us" and what make you guys different from persons like me?
> 2- I understand that this place was pretty much dead before this debate; I
> deeply appreciate your effort to revitalize KDE localization in Iran; but
> brother this project has a history, it is a entity for itself ( dead or
> alive). We used to work under this name and love it. There was debates about
> the name of it years ago this name is the ourcome. And now you; somebody out
> of blue ( I don't even know you and do not remember seeing a mail from you
> before this) wants to rename it. Could somebody join an ML and in the first
> step asks it to be renamed?
> 3-You want to revitalize this place good! Lets start with working,
> commiting, making it active; why on earth you want to start with renaming
> this? What is the point? Do you think it will be more active by changing the
> name?
> Regards,
> Arash

        Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi Panah
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