[Kde-i18n-fa] New HOWTO

Arash Zeini a.zeini at farsikde.org
Wed Jun 25 19:31:31 CEST 2003

On Wednesday 25 June 2003 16:11, Abbas Izad wrote:


> I think it is a better translated word for keyboard.
> I would have translated to Safhe kelid if it was keyscreen or keypage
> But for consistancy with rest of KDE it is fine by me to change it to
> whatever.

I can do this later.

> >Screenshots should be taken from a standard KDE 3.1 The KDE that The KDE
> >ships, is a bit different from the one that Mandrake, RedHat, SuSE, and
> >others ship. In order to avoid favouring a specific distro, we should
> >use original KDE screenshots, not those form Mandrake.
> I agree with you BUT most (none Debian users) users use one these distros.
> It is fine by me to change or as an example leave it right after a
> screenshot
> from a standard KDE. This is to show newbies the differences.
> >I can provide such screenshots, if everyone agree to replace those
> >Mandrake Screenshots.
> Good idea! Thanks.

I wanted to ask this Abbas already but forgot. I need new screenshots that are 
light in weight. These ones are all around 50-60 KB. We need musch smaller 
ones with a goof quality.

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