Adding Arabic support for kf5-kdoctools

Zayed Al-Saidi zayed.alsaidi at
Sun Apr 23 19:47:01 BST 2023

Hi all,

After I generated Arabic Docbook version of Kturtle I face two issue:
1- I can't set Language entity. When I change this:

<!ENTITY % English "INCLUDE" ><!-- change language only here -->

to this:
<!ENTITY % Arabic "INCLUDE" ><!-- change language only here -->

The KHelpCenter doesn't rend the docbook. I think there are some
entities I need to translate them to Arabic.

Could  direct me on where are they? And how do I translate them?

2- The second issue is the rendered handbook is in left-to-right mode
in KHelpCenter. I need to localize the css for Arabic language.

Where and How :)

Thank you in advance.


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