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On Sun, Apr 23, 2023 at 3:09 PM Luigi Toscano <luigi.toscano at>

> Il 23 aprile 2023 12:29:34 CEST, Zayed Al-Saidi <zayed.alsaidi at>
> ha scritto:
> >Here what I did:
> >1- svn checkout for /trunk/l10n-kf5/ar/docmessages
> >2- update files in /docmessages/kturtle with Arabic translation in po file
> >format
> >3- at docmessages folder, I run this:
> >SCRIPTY_I18N_BRANCH=trunk_kf5 ../script/l10n-scripty/update_xml ar kturtle
> >3- The output is a new folder with name "documentation" and inside it a
> >folder with name "kturtle" having English docbook files!
> >
> >It seems that update_xml does not recognize ar. Do I miss something here?
> You have to run the script when you are in the ar/ folder, not in the
> ar/docmessages/ folder.
Same result:
zayed at zayed:~/Translation/All/ar$ ls
docmessages  docs  messages

zayed at zayed:~/Translation/All/ar$ SCRIPTY_I18N_BRANCH=trunk_kf5
../../script/l10n-scripty/update_xml ar kturtle
Updating kturtle/kturtle documentation (master)
New/changed/removed files:
CMakeLists.txt getting-started.docbook glossary.docbook index.docbook
mainwindow.png mainwindow_flower_nrs.png media-playback-start.png
programming-reference.docbook translator-guide.docbook using-kturtle.docbook

> Ciao
> --
> Luigi
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