possible wrong formated msgid in ktexteditor6.po

"Iñigo Salvador Azurmendi" xalba at clientes.euskaltel.es
Fri Apr 14 11:52:47 BST 2023

I don't think it is valid for a href atribute to have something else than an URL.
Is this <a href=""> tag valid???

msgid #132
<html><head><meta name="qrichtext" content="1" /><style type="text/css">\n
p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }\n
<p>Tab key action (if no selection exists)

<a href="If you want <b>Tab</b> to align the current line in the current code block like in Emacs, make <b>Tab</b> a shortcut to the action <b>Format Indentation</b>.">

<span>More ...</span></a></p></body></html>


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