Shinjo Park kde at
Sat Apr 1 21:47:01 BST 2023


Wayback Machine may be handy in this case:

Also KTurtle commands are based on the Logo programming language [1] (also 
mentioned in the documentation), you may want to check previous works if 
someone had translated Logo language.


There were website migrations in this January [2]. It seems that the content 
may be fell off silently and the message for translators had not been updated 



2023년 4월 1일 토요일 오후 9시 56분 17초 CEST에 Zayed Al-Saidi 님이 쓴 글:
> Hi,
> While translating Kturtle I got this hint:
> "You are about to translate the 'Reset' COMMAND, there are some rules on
> how to translate it.Please see
> to learn how to properly translate it."
> But I can't access, it directs me to
> Do you have the update URL?
> Best Regards,
> Zayed

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