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Karl Ove Hufthammer karl at
Thu May 26 15:19:24 BST 2022

Wantoyèk skreiv 26.05.2022 15:41:
> Hi, I have problems with scatering with summit
> In summit files have a markup like this
> <b>Penjelasan</b>:
> But after I scatter to the kf5 branch the results are like this
> <b>Penjelasan<b>:
> Even though I have fixed it in the kf5 branch then scatter again and 
> he returned like that .
> This happens in the gcompris_qt.po file

Are any of the files commited to SVN? For the language ‘id’, I find only 
*one* string which is missing the ‘/’, but it is missing in *both* the 
l10n-kf5 and l10n-support branches.

BTW, I also found one string that is missing the colon in 
‘<b>Penjelasan</b>:‘ (the last paragraph in 
activities/chess/ActivityInfo.qml:25). You might want to fix that one.

Karl Ove Hufthammer

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