Review process for translations

Martin martin.schlander at
Mon May 2 21:07:26 BST 2022

lørdag den 23. april 2022 22.20.27 CEST skrev Frederik Schwarzer:
> in the German translation we like to have some kind of review process
> so that we find errors before they make their way into SVN. We used
> reviewboard, which felt clunky. Now we are using Phabricator, which is
> not the most pleasant experience either. Also, Phabricator will go
> away soon'ish.
> So at the moment I am playing around with GitLab and its merge
> requests but the process of synchronising this with SVN would be bad.
> My question is: do other teams have some sort of review process and
> how does it look like?

In DA we use a mailing list where we can send the diffs of new/updated 
translations for review. 

Usually the diffs are created with a python script called podiff, which 
produces quite readable diffs. Once you've done it a few times, it doesn't 
take many seconds to create the diff and copy/paste it to an e-mail.

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