[STALLED] Re: String freeze for KSokoban 0.5.0 in trunk now, release Aug. 30th

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Wed Aug 24 15:06:27 BST 2022


Happy to have seen new translations being done in the last 24h, thank you for 

Though sadly a show-stopper turned up, which might require renaming the app, 
from KSokoban to something else. And thus also would change any strings 
containing the app name, as well as the catalog name. So the release plan is 
stalled for now, and thus also the string freeze.

Though current plan is to only change the app name, so you might consider to 
continue translating all strings without "KSokoban" in it. Or even those with, 
and then simply nmass-replace once we have a new name.
Once a new name is found, will coordinate the rename of the catalogs with you, 
to minimize complications.

While I have your attention: any issues in your locale with the term 
"skladnik"? Initial candidate as new name.

If you are interested in helping finding a new name for KSokoban, learn more 


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