String freeze for KSokoban 0.5.0 in trunk now, release Aug. 30th

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Tue Aug 23 01:04:58 BST 2022


the game KSokoban ( should finally, after >14 
years of no releases, be rolled out to users again, having idled ported to 
Qt5/KF5 quite some time now in the repository (while having even missed out a 
release at KDE4 times, despite being a set game in KDE1-3 times).

For that purpose, on anniversary of its first commit 24 years ago, I plan to 
do an initial stand-alone of version 0.5.0
    from master branch (so trunk for translations)
    Tuesday CEST noon in a week, Aug 30th.

A bit short on notice, but there should be more releases soon afterwards, the 
anniversary is just too tempting. Long term it might be candidate for joining 
KDE Gear for 22.12, to be discussed yet.

A few new strings might have appeared in the last days (mainly for the 
appstream metainfo file). Please consider brushing up the catalogs, if you 
find time :)


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