Adding multiple files through SVN

Yuri Chornoivan yurchor at
Mon Aug 15 15:57:17 BST 2022

понеділок, 15 серпня 2022 р. 17:23:58 EEST Sveinn í Felli написано:
> Dear coordinators,
> I can add individual files to the KDE-repo with the 'svn add' command,
> but is there a way to add multiple files in one go through SVN?
> As in adding all the files marked with '?' after issuing the 'svn
> status' command?
> Best regards,
> Sveinn í Felli


Something like

svn add --force * --auto-props --parents --depth infinity -q

or (for versioned parent directoritees)

svn add --force .


Hope this helps and I understand the question.

Best regards,

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