Belarusian team

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Aug 1 23:50:40 BST 2022

El dilluns, 1 d’agost de 2022, a les 22:16:15 (CEST), Antikruk va escriure:
> Hi! How I can create a belarusian team  and start pushing the translation to
> the repository?

There is no team at the moment for Belarusian, there used to be people that 
did translate things but not anymore.

The first thing we ask people that want to create a new (or revived) team is to 
translate kcoreaddons, kio and kxmlgui as close to 100% as possible and send 
them to me in private (no need to bother the rest of the people in the mailing 
list with those files).

For Belarusian we do have some existing localization files, but there isn't 
anyone working on them.

For Belarusian we [used to] have both Cyrillic and Latin translations

So your first task to become your own "1 person translator team to Belarusian" 
would be to decide which of those two localizations do you want to work and 
get those files as close to 100% as possible and send them to me.

Do you need help with how the translation workflow works?

Best Regards,

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