Improvement suggestion

Łukasz Wojniłowicz lukasz.wojnilowicz at
Sun Nov 28 09:40:58 GMT 2021

Hi all,

at under "Statistics" label the translations are
divided into following areas:
1) Applications
2) Documentation
but since a while a trend started to set in that big chunks of
documentation go into the "Applications" area like with the recent

I may have no capacity to translate that, but it will appear constantly
as untranslated in the area of Applications (onto which I put the most
priority), and clutters the view more and more.

I suggest:
1) moving the documentation prefixed chunks out of the "Applications"
area into the "Documentation" area.

2) creating a new "Websites" area and moving the websites prefixed
chunks out of "Applications" area into the "Websites" area.

Those three areas are so big on themselves and distinct from each other
that they deserve to be kept in separate spaces.

That way you don't have to use prefixes like "documentation" or
"websites" to mark non-application chunks in the "Applications" area.



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