Request to translate Kdenlive

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon May 3 23:59:49 BST 2021

Hi, a few months ago amine (in CC) and Safa (also in CC) mentioned that they would try to revilatize the Arabic team but not much has happened it seems.

Anime, Safa, what are your plans? Still interested in doing work? If so can you add Mohammed to your plans?

If you're not interested anymore please do tell and we'll try to guide him ourselves.


El dilluns, 3 de maig de 2021, a les 23:36:18 (CEST), محمد نواف va escriure:
> Hello
> I am interested in translating Kdenlive into Arabic
> It seems that the current translation team has been out of work for several years
> Please allow me to do the translation process, and I will fully translate the program into Arabic.
> I also want you to provide me with the translation files to be translated.
> Thank you
> Mohammed Alotaibi
> Mohammed - Chat @ Spike<>       [10j71k]
> []

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