Reviving Assamese l10n team

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Mon Feb 22 21:42:15 GMT 2021

El dissabte, 20 de febrer de 2021, a les 19:23:33 CET, Wrishiraj Kaushik va escriure:
> Hello KDE Community,


> As part of our efforts to make KDE software more accessible and popular in the State of Assam, India, we have formed a small team to localize KDE Software into Assamese[1].

Nice, Welcome to KDE :)

> This will be my and our team's first attempt into localization of KDE itself, previously we have worked with Calamares localization as mentioned here[2].
> I have seen from the stats available online that the Assamese l10n team has been dormant since years now, and after talking with some fellow contributors who contribute localization for other Indian languages, 
> I came to know that I need to a) Get access to the SVN, which I do not have at the moment and b) We need to move the Assamese repository to "summit" (I do not know what it is).

You do *not* need to move the Assamese repository to the summit workflow, that's an "alternative" method of working and not the official way, so if you don't know what it is, I would suggest ignoring it for the moment :)

> I will be grateful is someone can help me through the process so that our newly formed team can start contributing localization. says 
"First translate the files in the kcoreaddons, kio and kxmlgui frameworks because its contents are spread over most KDE applications"

For some of those there's some translations you may or may not want to reuse

Once you've translated those files, send them to me (in private, no need to bother the mailing list with "big" files) and I'll do the next steps.

Please don't hesitate to ask (the list, not me in private) if you have any questions on how to continue.


> Thank you,
> With Regards,
> Wrishiraj Kaushik
> --------
> [1]
> [2]

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