L10n of frameworks announcements on kde.org

Phu Hung Nguyen phuhnguyen at disroot.org
Mon Feb 22 10:35:47 GMT 2021

> 1. Those thought can be applied to any software or documentation 
> translation
> that is long enough. This situation reminds me the old fables
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fox_and_the_Grapes
> Personally, I think that KDE is all about possibilities. You can do many
> things, change them, configure them, translate them just because it's 
> KDE. And
> you are free just leave it as is (it is also good enough).
The thought about the old fable is interesting, thank you Yuri for 
reminding me that I should try to consider every aspect of a problem.

> I agree that translating the frameworks announcements is probably not 
> really
> worth it. The framework announcements are getting almost no traffic and
> the translated version even less. But I don't think we should remove the
> already translated pages. Maybe we could move the already existing 
> translation
> to a new po file and tell translators that they shouldn't translate them
> unless they have too much free time :p
Could you tell why we shouldn't remove already translated pages?

If by "already translated pages" you meant content in other languages 
then I think they are still in SVN, we can get them back anytime we want.
Or if you meant content in English then I don't mean to remove them 
either, I only think about making them untranslatable with your 
"stop-translate" shortcode and adding a line saying "The changelogs 
starting from here are in English only".


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