String freeze exception for KOrganizer

Freek de Kruijf freekdekruijf at
Tue Dec 28 14:05:39 GMT 2021

Op dinsdag 28 december 2021 14:23:25 CET schreef Nicolas Fella:
> Hi,
> in I'm fixing
> a bug where windows spawned by KOrganizer's reminder daemon have no icon
> in the taskbar on Wayland. The fix involves duplicating and modifying a
> desktop file. The existing org.kde.korgac.desktop is renamed to
> autostart-org.kde.korgac.desktop and a new org.kde.korgac.desktop is
> added (which is the old one with modifications). No translated strings
> are modified directly, but there is a new to-be-translated file (with
> existing strings)
> I'd like this fix to go into stable. Is that okay with you?
> Cheers
> Nico

No objections from the Dutch team.


Freek de Kruijf
vertaler/coördinator van KDE

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