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Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Dec 24 10:13:37 GMT 2021

El dijous, 23 de desembre de 2021, a les 17:15:29 (CET), Serge Botré va escriure:
> Good morning, I'm Serge. I was searching for my hometown language in the list of languages, but it's not available, so I want to know how to create a new team capable of working on my hometown language : Haitian Creole. Please. Thanks in advance.


The first thing we ask people that want to create a new team is to translate kcoreaddons, kio and kxmlgui as close to 100% as possible and send them to me in private (no need to bother the rest of the people in the list with those files).


Welcome to KDE!

Do you need help with hope the translation workflow works?


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