Passing include paths to lupdate from l10n-kf5 scripts

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Fri Sep 25 22:30:19 BST 2020

El dijous, 24 de setembre de 2020, a les 18:33:01 CEST, MichaƂ Policht va escriure:
> Hi,
> I have modified l10n-kf5 scripts a bit to address the issue mentioned on
> [stackoverflow](,
> which happens to affect CuteHMI project as well.
> Program "lupdate" requires header files to be visible in order to
> properly set translation context with tr() function. If header files are
> kept in separate directories you'll get a warning "Qualifying with
> unknown namespace/class" and generated "pot" files will be missing
> namespace qualifier in message context.
> I'm sending you minimal reproducible example. Just do the usual stuff
> ```
> $ svn checkout svn://
> $ PATH=/path/to/scripts:$PATH bash /path/to/scripts/
> ```
> I have modified scripts to accept -I|--include argument and pass it to
> lupdate.

Patch looks good, please commit to svn.


> To test the difference comment/uncomment appropriate line in
> Regards,
> MP

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