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Sun Sep 20 07:40:28 BST 2020

Op 14-08-2020 om 11:36 schreef Freek de Kruijf:
> Op dinsdag 11 augustus 2020 21:20:35 CEST schreef Koos Pol:
>> Op 11-08-2020 om 19:15 schreef Freek de Kruijf:
>>> In Systemsettings (Systeeminstellingen) under Personal Settings
>>> (Persoonlijke instellingen) you find Regional Settings (Regionale
>>> instellingen). Click on it. In the left column you find Formats
>>> (Formaten), click on it. Activate Detailed Settings (Gedetaileerde
>>> instellingen). Behind Time: (Tijd:) you can select another setting i.e. C
>>> which is Posix or something that fulfils your needs.
>>> These setting are for the specific user of that account. So maybe you need
>>> a user for KMyMoney and another user for your other work if it conflicts.
>> Yes, I know these settings. But C is awkward in that it gives me the
>> short written month variant. As in "1 Jan 2021".
>> I agree I now have a 4 digit year, but it's far from ideal when entering
>> dates.
>> I've already looked at the list of available locales. There over *600*
>> time settings available. It hurts my head to think that I have to
>> inspect that list to see if I can find a format usable for financial
>> reporting.
>> Cheers,
>> Koos
> You can also invoke kmymoney with a specific environment variable set at 
> another value than the default for your language. The one that comes to my 
> mind is LC_TIME. You can put a .desktop file for kmymoney in your Desktop 
> folder and insert "LC_TIME=<different locale specification> " right after 
> "Exec=" in that .desktop file.
> I suggest you experiment with a few locale specifications.

Good morning,

I've eventually settled for LC_TIME=af_ZA (South African) as an
environment variable for KMyMoney.  It gives me proper short ISO
(YYYY-MM-DD) with month names in the date picker which are similar
enough to Dutch.

Thanks for everyone's help!

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