About Scripty - posummit

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Wed Sep 16 10:17:22 BST 2020

Johnny Jazeix ha scritto:
> Hi,
> A bit late but... are posummit scripts
> (https://techbase.kde.org/Localization/Workflows/PO_Summit) a part of scripty?
> As I understood, they are written in python2 and its end of life is coming.
> When we talked about rewritting scripty, does it include it?

Yes and no: posummit is part of the discussion, but it's not automatically
called by scripty right now. Automating the posummit steps would be needed at
some point.

posummit has  a python3 branch (with some unit tests), but it is not complete;
patches (including tests) are welcome.


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