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Hi Albert and others,

Em domingo, 13 de setembro de 2020, às 07:26:24 -03, Albert Astals Cid 

> * l10n.kde.org
> We're hoping to eventually simply kill it. It uses old PHP (the code is
> relatively bad). Replace it with Damned Lies from gnome (which provides
> some other interesting functionality like file assignments)

Do we have any news about it? Like how it will be structured or when it'll 
begin to be implemented?

> * Documentation
> We discussed that documentation needs improvement, it's spread in several
> places so it's not always easy for a newcomer to know what to read.
> There's differnet needs translators need to do, so it would be good if we
> could have different entry points in the documentaiton for each task.
> The Lokalize documentation is not very good it seems (but we need to be
> careful, Lokalize is not used only to translate KDE so we need to make sure
> we don't introduce too much "how to translate KDE" references in it)
> * Use of our infrastucture
> We need to try to make teams use our infrastructure for things as mailing
> lists, team guidelines, etc. Because we are sure our infrastructure will be
> maintained "forever", and sometimes external ones are not so
> stable/maintained

How about create a "Team" on Invent to organize our efforts? We are beginning 
to use it for KDE Brasil and it's good to organize the jobs (and link to other 
projects there). There we could improve our documentation too, using the wiki.


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